Pop Smoke’s Brother Flips Enraged Over Open Casket Photo

Pop Smoke’s brother unloaded on an inconsiderate fan, who took an open casket photo of the late rapper.

(AllHipHop News) Pop Smoke’s brother has slammed a fan for taking a photograph of the late rapper’s lifeless body in an open casket at his funeral.

Fans lined the streets of Brooklyn, New York to mourn Pop Smoke, real name Bashar Barakah Jackson, on Thursday, following his death aged just 20 last month after being shot twice during a home invasion in Hollywood Hills, California.

His brother Mike Dee slammed one person attending the memorial for taking photos of the hip-hop star’s dead body.

“Who TF (the f##k) sat in the funeral and took a pic of my brother in the casket?,” he wrote in an Instagram Stories post. “Like n##gas got no life, no morals, why even show up to the funeral if you gonna be on some fan s##t? The f##king world we live in son n##gas wanna sit on social media and do anything to gain clout.”

The intrusion came despite barricades being placed along the pavements of Canarsie, where the funeral took place, to keep fans away.

The “Dior” hitmaker’s death, which was initially reportedly the result of a robbery gone wrong, remains a mystery as no arrests have been made in the case.