Prince Promises To Make A "Classic" Return This Fall

Prince’s New Afro Isn’t The Only Thing Delivering Soul, Singer Vows To Return To Musical Roots


Though he infamously battled Warner Bros. Records in the 90s over the rights to his work (which included hits like “Purple Rain,” “Diamonds & Pearls” and “1999;”) Prince has since not only earned the rights to his own music, but has announced that he will be pairing with the label to release two new projects simultaneously this fall on September 30th.

In addition to a new offering from his all-female band 3rd Eye Girl titled Plectrum Electrum, which was confirmed by band members earlier today on Good Morning America, the rock icon will also release a solo project named Art Official Age, his first studio album since the release of 20Ten in 2010.

Per a press release for the project, this solo venture will be “a mix of soul, R&B and funk,” and promises to be a return to “Classic Prince.”