Producer Cuban Harry Convicted Of Selling Lean; Lawyers Say Prosecutors Are After Chris Brown and Lil Wayne


(AllHipHop News) The self-proclaimed “King of Lean” has been convicted of multiple felonies for illegally selling prescription cough syrup.

Producer Cuban hairy, a.k.a. Harry Garcia was found guilty of multiple felonies, after jurors deliberated for four hours.

The 27-year-old producer was accused of paying men to rob Walgreens and CVS stores, so he could make his own “sizzurp,” which is a mixture of promethazine and codeine.

An investigation started when Cuban Harry used his Instagram page to pedal his “purple drank.”

During the trial, Cuban Harry admitted to selling large amounts of his drugs to Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, who allegedly wired him a $15,000 payment.

Cuban Harry’s defense team argued that their client was a junkie and that the government was really trying to build a case against Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

Despite his argument, Cuban Harry was convicted of five felonies and now faces life in federal prison.

Chris Brown denied any reports of drug dealing, ironically, in an Instagram post:

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