Promo Company Wants Game To Pay Up Over Half A Milli In Damages

How Long Is The Game’s Money?

Dream Team Entertainment LLC is becoming a nightmare for The Game. The promotion company has legally demanded $525,000 from The Game for failing to perform at the Kentucky Derby last October.

The claim alleges that The Game refused to perform after Dream Team refused to let him be he headlining act, The Jasmine Brand reports. They said, per the contract, the rapper was to pay back the $35,000 and also sell out a $30,000 cancellation fee.

The Game has done neither, they allege.

The Game presumably missed an October 30 court day, causing Dream Team Entertainment to file for a default judgement.
Dream Team seeks is $355,000 in lost revenue, $160,000 from ticket sales losses and want restitution for $10,000 losses in ticket sales.