Public Enemy’s Professor Griff Receiving Death Threats Over Picture With Dallas Cop Killer


(AllHipHop News) Public Enemy group member Professor Griff is receiving death threats, after a picture of him posing with the man who gunned down five Dallas police officers surfaced on social media.

A picture of Professor Griff and Micah Johnson was on posted on Johnson’s Facebook page, shortly after it was revealed he was the sniper who killed five officers and injured seven other cops in a targeted attack.

The Dallas Police Department even issued an update on Johnson and named checked Professor Griff and his book A Warrior’s Tapestry as a source of inspiration for Johnson’s Afrocentric ideology.

Professor Griff has come forward to deny knowing Micah Johnson, saying he simply posed for a picture with the cop killer, and did not know him.

“The police and FBI have been watching me and tapping my phone they know who I talk too, I DO NOT KNOW THE SHOOTER,” Professor Griff tweeted.

Local police even contacted Professor Griff and questioned him about the image, which Griff said must have been taken after one of Public Enemy’s shows.

Professor Griff is using the hashtag #handsoffGriff to get the message across that neither he, nor Public Enemy were associated with the killer.

Meanwhile, group member Chuck D. retweeted a remix of Public Enemy’s classic “Fight The Power” by The Holy Kush featuring the rapper dressed in garb similar to clothes Micah Johnson is wearing in another picture.