Puerto Rican Rapper Anuel AA Accidentally Rides Motorbike Off Stage At The Garden

Fans said he should have been more careful with the stunt.

Rappers, like rock stars, are known for creating the most outrageous stage show performances.

On Sunday, May 28, during a concert at Madison Square Garden, Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA was a prime example of what happens when doing too much goes wrong.

The chart-topping artist is currently on the U.S. portion of his world tour titled, “Legends Never Die.”

During the New York City stop, the Caribbean lyricist and his special guest Bryant Myers used dirk bikes as props during a set.

While trying to flex on stage, they accidentally let the motorbike roll off the stage and fall almost into the pit area, before the audience.

What’s craziest, is that he did not stop rapping, as security lifted the bike back up.

After the motorcycle was secured back on the stage, Anuel resumed the concert and kept performing as  if nothing had ever happened.

Though, no one was injured, according to Caraotave, many fans online criticized the rapper for the poor execution of the stunt and commented on how he did not have sufficient security measures set up during the show to make sure no one would get injured.

“What if he hit someone? Did she at least notice that? Or did she care?” one netizen said. “Not even she noticed if she hurt someone and she continues singing as if nothing had happened. My God, he doesn’t even care about his public, just keep singing, ” one person said.

The artist has not released a public statement regarding the incident.