Quando Rondo Disrespects King Von And Boasts About The Murder On “End Of Story”

Quando Rondo just dropped a new song, where he addresses the shocking murder of King Von in a disrespectful way!

Gone are the days when Hip-Hop artists respected the dead.

Those days when old heads passed down that age-old street code that mandates that hood dudes honor those who have transitioned — regardless of the crew they belong to — are a thing of the past.

During her battle against Coffee on the Watch the Throne 4 card, Ms. Miami pulled out a flag and dropped it … saying “The only crip I respect is a dead one … F**k Tookie!”

During the season 2 premiere of the Verzuz battle on Instagram, Gucci Mane vs. Jeezy, Gucci Mane referred to the deceased, Pookie Loc, an associate of Jeezy. While playing the diss record “Truth” Guwop spit “Go dig your partna’ up, n**ga. Bet he can’t say sh*t” and then barked “We smoking Pookie Loc” tonight.

Gucci Mane was responsible for the death of Pookie Loc but got off because it was ruled self-defense.

Now, on his new track “End of Story,” Quando Rondo added to this two week stretch of disrespect.

In the song, he referenced the recent death of rapper King Von, a killing that he also was involved with, and flaunted the “self-defense” claim as justification for the tragedy.

In the song, he breaks down that night by referring to the surveillance tape that shows the “How It Go” rapper assaulting him.

The lyrics went as follows:

“Blood on your brother on the ground, gon’ pick your mans up/Damn right we scrеaming self-defense, he shouldn’t have never put his hands on me/

Look at the footage, that’s all the evidence, see them p#### n***as shouldn’t have ran up on me/Who the f### said that I was hidin’? I’m still ridin’ ’round with them bands on me/And to set the records straight, I ain’t never had no show inside the A”

Many fans took offense because the timing seemed too close to his death, the wave of disrespect for the dead, and the Gucci diss.

Do you think that the dead should be left out of raps or is it just an open season?