Quentin Miller Says Big Sean Not Giving Him Writing Credit Broke His Heart

Quentin Miller Big Sean

“That one really disappointed me because I thought dude was solid.”

Infamous “ghostwriter” Quentin Miller is back in the news again. The Atlanta native best known for penning bars for Drake has now turned his attention to Big Sean.

Quentin Miller sat down with VladTV for an interview. During the conversation, Miller recalled his experience working with Big Sean around the time of the recording sessions for the 2021 EP What You Expect.

“Big Sean – that really broke my heart,” said Quentin Miller before discussing how he met Sean when the Detroit-raised rapper collaborated with Drake for their “Blessings” single off the Dark Sky Paradise album.

Miller also stated, “When I get to working with Sean on this last project, the What You Expect with Hit-Boy, I’m part of three songs. There are only six songs on there. We’re texting and talking every day. I’m pulling up on Sean’s crib, like, every other day.”

According to Quentin Miller, his association with Big Sean ended with Kanye West’s former protégé ghosting him. Miller also claimed Sean planned to drop What You Expect without even informing him about the release of the project.

“Maybe, like, a week before the album drops, [Big Sean’s] just not responding to me at all,” Miller asserted. “Then, like a week before, I’m in the studio with Hit-Boy. I just randomly hear in a conversation with Hit, ‘Yeah, the album drops next week.’ I’m like, ‘Wait, what?’ I didn’t even know.'”

Big Sean teamed with producer Hit-Boy for What You Expect. Quentin Miller’s name is presently listed as a composer/lyricist for the What You Expect tracks “Chaos” and “Offense.” However, Miller maintains he did not initially receive official acknowledgment for his contribution to Sean’s project.

“Then the s### comes out. We still ain’t sign the paperwork or nothing. My name was not on the credits. It was not on the credits for like the first three months,” said Quentin Miller. “I’m blowing them up like, ‘Yo, what’s up? I didn’t know we were doing the ghostwriter thing because if that was the case, I would’ve asked for some cash.”

Miller went on to say that he had to fight to get his name in the credits. The WDNG Crshrs member also disclosed, “That situation really hurt. It was just like, ‘Damn, it’s everybody. It’s all over.’ That one really disappointed me because I thought dude was solid.”