Rapper Tries To Invade Diddy’s House In Hopes Of A Meeting And Ends Up Arrested


An aspiring rapper who wanted to play Diddy his demo took things to the extreme when he attempted to get past the mogul security at his LA mansion.

An overzealous rapper is looking at criminal charges after trying to force his way into Diddy’s house to play him a demo.

According to the cops, a guy named Isaiah Smalls invaded Diddy’s Los Angeles estate in hopes of playing the Bad Boy mogul his music.

Smalls showed up at Diddy’s estate uninvited and attempted to talk his way into a meeting. However, security at the gate to the mogul’s mansion was not having it and turned Isaiah Smalls away.

According to TMZ, Smalls was undeterred in his attempt to get his meeting with Diddy.

Smalls continued to pound on the security gate, and he eventually jumped over it and made his way onto the grounds. His security quickly sprung into action and detained Isaiah Smalls, in addition to calling the police on him.

The cops arrived and took Isaiah Smalls into custody. The budding musician was charged with trespassing.

And he never had a meeting with Diddy- who was not home at the time of the security breach anyway.

Diddy does not play when it comes to security at his Los Angeles estate. In January of 2021, burglars tried to pry open the door of the Toluca Lake home where his ex-girlfriend and mother of three of his children, Kimberly Porter, was tragically found dead in 2018.

A caretaker at that residence called the cops, and it is still unclear if the burglar took anything in that incident.

In December of 2021, Diddy sold the property for $7 million.