Rapper Lil Jon Threatens To Sue Restaurant In The Hamptons Over “Turn Down For What” Flasks


Rapper Lil Jon has threatened to sue a store owner for selling a hip flask emblazoned with his song title “Turn Down For What.”

The “Get Low” star’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to the owners of Blue & Cream in the Hamptons on Long Island, New York to ask them to stop selling the flasks, which bear the name of his 2013 hit track, unless they strike up a licensing deal, which would give Lil Jon 40 per cent of the future profits.

Owner Jeffrey Goldstein told the New York Post gossip column Page Six that he didn’t intend to cause a problem and will stop selling the product immediately.

“The flask was inspired by the song’s party theme,” he said. “This is likely a case of a third party trying to bully us, but the right thing to do is to stop selling the flask. It was all in good fun; it wasn’t meant to cause an international incident.”