Rapper Akinyele Says KOD/South Beach Controversy Is A “Modern Day Lynching”; Trailers For Reality Show Debut


(AllHipHop News) A battle is brewing in Miami over the Hip-Hop friendly King of Diamonds brand.

The news of a new Miami hotspot opening on South Beach, has struck a sour note with residents, who are banding together in an attempt to prevent the owner, Akinyele Adams, from operating on Ocean Drive.

The new establishment is supposed to open on Ocean Drive very soon, but could an undercurrent of racism throw a wrench in the plan?

Some locals believe that the African-American owned business on South Beach will attract an unwanted element to Ocean Drive, which is already a popular tourist attraction.

Last night (June 27) local South Beach residents held a community meeting to discuss their concerns.

Owner Akinyele attempted to attend the meeting to address the locals concerns but he was not allowed to enter and present his side, since the gathering was open to residents only.

“I feel like this is just a modern-day lynching that’s happening here, and that’s the elephant in the room,” Akinyele told the Miami Herald. “We’re just a black-owned establishment, and that’s what they can’t come to the realization with.”

Despite his cries of injustice Akinyele should be prepared to be scrutinized as he operates his new business.

City Attorney Raul J. Aguila has vowed to shut down any establishment the moment it operates as a strip club or violates any of South Beach’s strict zoning laws.

A trailer for the web series “King of South Beach” was released today (June 27). According to a press release, full episodes will start dropping on July 4th.

The trailer and embed codes are below:


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