Rapper Slim Thug Changes His Name To Big Slim

Big Slim aka Slim Thug

Rap star Slim Thug has revealed he is changing his name to Big Slim, now that he is grown and turned into a respected businessman in Houston.

Houston rapper Slim Thug is changing his name. His reason? He is in his 40s and is no longer thugging.

The rapper who brought the word songs like “Like A Boss,” “I Run the Streets,” and “Welcome 2 Houston” now wants to be known as Big Slim. 

He shared some of his thoughts on his decision in an interview with The Defender, linking it to his new project. He told his fans to “definitely check out the *BIGslim* project. It’s a change in me.”

“I’m growing into a new person,” he continued. “I’m 41. I don’t want to be called Slim Thug.”

“It just don’t fit, you know I’m saying? I really ain’t thuugging out. So, I wanna be Big Slim now. I got big plans…I’m saying so join the journey to see where that goes.”

Some of those big plans include his new 11-track album *BIGslim*. Big Slim is also building up his local community through his company Boss Life Construction, which restores abandoned homes. 

As a result of this investment as a developer, he is helping raise the property value in the Acres Homes neighborhood while also providing low-cost housing for families in need.

“We gonna keep our eyes open. We gonna keep working and climbing up to the next level,” Big Slim continued. “Instead of me staying the same … I’m sure I have a lot more to talk about with this transition.”

Dropping “Thug” from his name may be tactical, as law enforcement cracks down on artists whose names, lyrics, and music videos celebrate the “thug” lifestyle.

As reported by AllHipHop, Young Thug and Gunna have been arrested on RICO charges, with prosecutors using their content, name of their label, and artist characters as evidence of gang activity.

Shout out to Big Slim for taking that first step to grown man life.