Rapper Tyla Yaweh Sued Over Alleged Decade-Old Sexual Assault

The 26-year-old woman says she was a teen virgin at the time of the incident and is finally speaking out.

A Florida woman is accusing rapper Tyla Yaweh of sexual battery. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Alyssia Jones claims the alleged assault took place in 2012, when the two were both teens.

He allegedly invited the then-15-year-old to his house in Seminole County Fern Park to see his sneaker collection. Now, she’s finally coming forward, filing a civil lawsuit in the county where it occurred.

The complaint reportedly claims the Epic records recording artist, who was 16 years old at the time, let her come inside the home but once she was in his room, pushed her onto the bed. The lawsuit states that during the abuse, Jones repeatedly begged Tyla Yaweh to stop, telling him she didn’t want him to do these things.

Jones recalls in the claim every time she tried to yell, Yaweh threatened to stab her with a pen. Eventually, she says, he stabbed her in the p#### area. She allegedly has a scar from the incident.

In a statement from the woman’s lawyer’s office, Jones was “a teenage virgin and maintains that her life has been traumatically impacted as a result of the violent sexual assault she endured.”

It continues, “In light of the MeToo movement and all of the many and growing number of courageous women who have spoken out about sexual abuse and misconduct, Ms. Jones, now 26, has been able to muster the courage to file her lawsuit in hopes that she can empower others who have also fallen victim to sexual assault. Ms. Jones’s goal in finally sharing her story is to assure other girls, adolescents, teenagers, and women, that the pain, and resulting shame, they have suffered is not their fault.”

She’s asking for $100,000 for damages.