Trippie Redd, Chief Keef And Other Rappers Team Up To Fight Off Alien Invasion


Trippie Redd, Chief Keef, and Rucci are featured in a new game featuring the designs of a critically acclaimed designer who was killed in 2015. 

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A variety of rappers have teamed up to fight off an alien invasion – in a new game. 

Sakeworld is billed as a “new breed of beat em up” gaming featuring the ability to play as Chief Keef, Trippie Redd, D Savage, Young Bans, or Rucci. 

Gamers have to punch, kick, and blast through enemies and bosses to clean up the streets of the city.

While the game is surely entertaining, there is a serious story behind Sakeworld. 

Sake is a streetwear brand created by Jack Phoenix, who was a Venice, California based designer who was killed at the age of 15, in 2015.

Jack Phoenix was decapitated after he was hit by a driver who was fleeing from the police. The teen’s head was eventually found in the car that ran him over. 

In 2017, the driver was sentenced to 27 years in prison for killing the critically acclaimed budding designer. 

Jake Phoenix’s family refused to let his vision die, and helped turn the Sake brand into a thriving streetwear business through multiple stores in Los Angeles, and by collaborations with rappers.

For now, Sakeworld is available for free on iOS. Versions of the game are scheduled to be rolled out for Android devices, and PS4/5 soon.