Ray J And Princess Love Give Marriage A Chance…Again

The couple is going to give their rocky relationship some more time to calm down.

(AllHipHop News) Singer Ray J and his wife Princess Love are giving their marriage another chance after briefly separating following an incident in Las Vegas in November.

Princess accused the R&B star-turned-reality TV regular of abandoning her and their young daughter, Melody, in Sin City, after the Soul Train Awards.

The “One Wish” singer denied the allegations, but then blocked his wife on his cell phone and his social media pages, causing Princess to repeatedly air out their personal problems online.

They both threatened divorce but reunited ahead of the birth of their second child in December.

However, a source confirmed Ray and Princess didn’t reconcile and were living separately.

Ray apparently went all out for Valentine’s Day, covering her home with more than 2,000 roses in a bid to win her back, and it appears his plan worked.

Appearing on U.S. TV show “The Talk” on Wednesday, he said. “It’s hot in the kitchen… I’m still bothered by where we are but God is working everything through. We’re trying to, like, address the situation and become the solution to the problem.

“It just takes a little bit of time… We’re trying to figure it out… I love my wife and I just pray that things work out.”

The couple’s marriage troubles will be aired on the new reality TV show “The Conversation: Ray J & Princess Love,” which debuts on March 15th.