Redman Explains The Difference Between Beefing In The 90’s & Beefing In The Modern Era (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) What’s Beef? The Notorious B.I.G. told us in 1997 “beef is when I see you,” but in today’s world issues between rappers is more likely to play out on social media than in the streets.

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Legendary emcee Redman had a firsthand view of Hip Hop conflicts in the 1990’s. While speaking with The Breakfast Club, Reggie Noble reflected on how rap clashes have changed since his arrival in the culture.

“90’s era was aggressive. We didn’t have the internet to talk crap through. When we said we was gonna get you, we was gonna get you. And that meant being at your shows,” stated Redman. “When you’re doing your practice before the show, we’d meet you at your sound check. This is real. It wasn’t no backing out of it.”

As an example, Red mentioned KRS-One throwing PM Dawn off their own stage back in 1992. The Def Squad member also explained at that time disputes were usually ignited by word of mouth among the Hip Hop community.

“When you heard about someone having beef with you, it would circulate real quick, because everyone knew each other,” added Redman. “We didn’t have that many channels. So when you heard someone talked about you, it was quickly addressed.”

Redman’s latest album Mudface is in stores today.

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Watch Redman’s interview below.