Republicans Flip NJ Democrat Governor’s Comments Into AI Rap Song “Murphy’s Money”

Phil Murphy Money

The Republicans used new technology to strike a blow to their rival in the Democratic party.

The GOP is stepping into the artificial intelligence space.

On Wednesday, May 10, the Assembly Republican Office dropped a new single called “Murphy’s Money.” The song was made by AI technology and a royalty-free beat off the internet.

The “rapper” who performs the song tries his best to incorporate a Jay-Z-ish sound to clearly attract an urban audience or tickle the funny bones of those who see the satire for what it is.

The song is based on campaign statements made by Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and has a lyric video on YouTube.

A funny bit, the ditty does address some politics, like the governor’s involvement in the West New York mayoral race and his support for former United States Representative Albio Sires. Sires is currently running for re-election to the United States Congress.

The Republicans get gully and use the lyrics to shred Murphy’s spending, adding that taxpayers are the ones actually lifting the load of his liberal political agenda.

Within a couple of days, the video doesn’t seem like it has been a big hit. Only 1,000 people have viewed it.

Check out the lyrics to “Murphy’s Money:”

“Listen up y’all I got something to say/ ‘Bout the taxes you pay/ Every single day/ You may think that cash belongs to you/ But Phil Murphy says it’s his to pursue/ With a fresh new cut/ And a sleek new style/ He will spend all your money/ And do it with a smile/ You may not like it/ But that’s just the way /Your money, his power/ That’s how he’ll play/ He’ll say it’s for schools/ Or maybe the roads/ But, c’mon now, you know/ Where your money really goes/ He’ll say it’s for the state/ Or for the greater good/ He’ll keep taking and taking/ Like a politician would (break)/ So let’s all stand up/ And make our voices heard/ Go tell Phil Murphy/ His spending is absurd/ We’ll hold him accountable/ Every step of the way / That money’s not yours/ That’s all we gotta say.”