Revelations: No Malice Speaks On What Lead To Retirement From The Clipse


(AllHipHop News) Recently former Clipse rapper No Malice took time to speak with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club about his retirement from rap and his new life as a reformed man of the Lord.

While No Malice used to rap about drugs, selling crack, fast cars, clothes and all the spoils of the lavish life, the former coke rapper is reformed and remaining true to a life of righteousness.

For many, including Charlamagne on the Breakfast Club, questions still remained about what specific event caused No Malice to reform his life in the name of Jesus.

“Bro there were many revelations.  It’s just doing the checks and balances of your life, taking inventory of your life,” No Malice explained. “It was a lot of things that I was doing that were just weren’t conducive to me. My health, my marriage, my relationship with my kids, you know, and I’m just glad to be given a second chance.”

When asked if it was impossible to balance Hip-Hop and spirituality, No Malice said, “It’s not even so much spirituality, it’s the fact that I love Jesus, you know? I’m into that work and I read that word and just to be in that lifestyle, which I’m not condemning, but for me I just can’t face that every day, all the temptations and desires and wants – I just can’t be in that all day.”

Check out the rest of the interview below: