Rick James’ Life To Be Turned Into TV Series

Rick James

The life story of funk icon Rick James is coming to the small screen.

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A TV series based on the life of late funk icon Rick James is in development at Universal.

“Super Freak,” which will revolve around James’ plans to launch a comeback in the early 1990s, will be executive produced by the singer’s daughter Ty James.

“We are truly ecstatic about this new project with UCP and extremely excited to work with the writer Randy McKinnon,” Ty said in a statement. “We are confident he can give the fans exactly what they have been waiting on, plus some.

“This will be a magic carpet ride, with ups and downs, joys and pain – a story of perseverance and tenacity, with the music being the greatest navigation system. Get ready for the ride of your lives – the story of James A. Johnson, AKA Rick James!”

Filmmakers are currently on the hunt for an actor to play James in the project.

During his final interview on earth, Rick James gave the website a peek into his comeback, as well as his plans, which were cut short after his sudden death in August of 2004.

Rick was working on his memoir, “Confessions of a Superfreak” and he was flush with at least $40 million in cash thanks to MC Hammer sampling his song “Super Freak” and turning it into the smash single “Can’t Touch This.”

“It was an 80/20 deal; it‘s the largest selling Rap record of all time. We sold like 100 million records…Master P told me, ‘Ricky if I had a fingertip of your talent..’ – I said, ‘n####, you already have $700 million dollars!’…if we made $1.75 we were doing great, that’s why I charged Motown $1 million dollars an hour. I was one of the first blacks to get a million an hour. But that’s because I know that if they steal five copies, they are going to charge you for such and then be part of RIAA. So I said if they are going to f### me, then I am going to make sure that I get paid.”