Rick Ross Blamed For Trashed Neighborhood After Car Show

Rick Ross

Residents are complaining about the garbage left and stinking up the community.

Rapper Rick Ross’ Car and Bike show has come and gone.

Fans came out in massive numbers to see the toys that the Maybach Music mogul had on display. And while the attendees were happy to be in the mix, the good people of South Fulton County were not.

According to WSB Radio, residents believe some fans that were not lucky enough to get into the event loitered and vandalized the community, leaving trash and garbage all over the area.

For about three miles, the complainers allege, these destroyed the otherwise clean and nicely kept neighborhood.

Shanette Parks commented on how nasty everything appeared in the Kroger parking lot on Old National Highway and Flat Shoals in the City of South Fulton, the day after the event.

She said, “It smells. It stinks. Look at all this trash. It’s so just ugh.”

Adding, “Just nasty.”

A local barber in the area, Diallo Shears, said he was shocked at the amount of garbage around his business.

“I’m seeing a nuisance. It looks like an eyesore. I mean imagine if you were coming from another side of town. You came and saw this. You wouldn’t want to stop here. Would you?” he explained.

Ross’ attorney says trash and debris in the nearby Kroger parking lot had nothing to do with his client.

Fans even are saying it is a stretch to blame the rapper.

“I know Rick Ross didn’t do this. I know he didn’t do this,” Angelisha Tillman said.

Parks responded, “His guests did it.”

“He needs to get on his guests,” Tillman responded.