Rick Ross Demands DJ Envy Mop His Floors And Clean His Pool As Car Show Beef Intensifies

rick ross

As the car show beef heats up, King of Miami fires off at New York DJ.

Rapper Rick Ross and DJ Envy have been throwing verbal daggers at each other, and at the core of their “beef” is which influencer has the better car show.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Rozay plans to host his car show on June 3, provided he is not shut down by South Fulton, Georgia’s council members.

DJ Envy, one of the hosts of The Breakfast Club, plans to throw his “Drive Your Dreams” car show on May 28 in Memphis, TN.

The Maybach Music executive took to social media to mock Envy calling him “Beige Boy” and asking him to share with the public exactly how he lives.

“Show us how you live, Beige boy,” the rapper-turned-mogul said as he shows off his car lot on his spacious Promise Land property. “Please. I told you; you are not on my level. I don’t want to humiliate you.”

The digs continued as Ross mocked Envy with his many sponsors while implying he (Ross) is solely funding his car show.

At one point in an Instagram Live, captured by Hoodzone Productions, Rick Ross invoked the name of Young Dolph, and said the people of Memphis won’t let him get away with fronting in their city.

In a different clip, Ross claims that people are upset because of his new caps, fly top pieces that sport the car show’s logo. He said someone told him that in addition to the caps, Envy and others are upset because 50 Cent, Envy’s big homie, lost his house… mocking the “Power” showrunner by calling him by his first name.

A third clip shows the “Hustlin’” chart-topper in his foyer, claiming he is waiting for Envy to come to his home and mop his floors.

He said, “You’ve been a great co-host on the Charlamagne tha God show. You can come and mop my floors. Mop this marble out of respect.”

Ross told Envy he would like his girlfriend to steam the woodwork while he cleans the floor. He also tells Envy and his kids to clean his pool.

The video goes on, with Ross calling the radio personality a “clown” and taunting him with his custom cars, accessories, and even his own fire truck.

This beef has gone on for some time. In 2022, DJ Envy took to social media to try and mock Ross about the quality of cars the rapper has.

But in 2023, after getting smacked up on Instagram by Ross, Envy clapped back. During his show, he teased Ross for renting out his home to film movies like “Coming 2 America” and shows like “Boomerang.”

He added Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and his friend 50 Cent would never do that.

The saga continues. Who do you think ethered the other more?