Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Line Accused Of “Deceptive Marketing”

Rihanna has one of the hottest fashion lines on the planet, but now she’s being accused of running a bogus subscription business.

(AllHipHop News) Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie company has been accused of “deceptive marketing” for signing customers up to a monthly subscription service “without clearly” disclosing all the terms and conditions.

A complaint has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission and the California District Attorney’s office for Santa Cruz County by non-profit watchdog group Truth in Advertising (TINA), who alleged the organization has been trying to dupe customers by promoting discounts that can only be used once they sign up for the $49.95-a-month VIP subscription.

“It deceptively promotes discounts and product prices that are only available to consumers who are bound to the company’s membership program without clearly and conspicuously disclosing this fact in its marketing materials,” TINA stated in its complaint.

According to the watchdog, they discovered that when using the Savage x Fenty online shop, the VIP membership is automatically added when a customer adds something to the shopping basket.

However, the monthly recurring fee isn’t included in the total amount, and shoppers are only made aware of it in the site’s small print during the checkout process.

It’s only if they know to remove the monthly membership from their carts that customers can see the normal price of items.

“By default, the company enrolls consumers into a negative option offer known as the Xtra VIP Membership without clearly and conspicuously disclosing all the material terms and conditions, such as needing to take affirmative action every month to avoid recurring monthly charges,” the complaint continued.

Following the complaint filing, Emma Tully, a spokesperson for Savage x Fenty, which Rihanna launched in May 2018, responded via email to CNN business, saying: “These accusations are false and based on misconceptions of our business. We are proud of our flexible membership program because it allows us to offer unparalleled quality and value to our customers.

“We believe strongly in transparency, which is why we provide multiple disclosures of membership terms throughout the shopping experience, within advertisements, and through our ambassador engagement policies.”

Tully added that Savage x Fenty hasn’t received any inquiries from the Federal Trade Commission as yet.