Roddy Ricch Denies Crashing Borrowed Dodge Charger And Causing Injuries To Victim

The hit rapper is fighting off a lawsuit that claims he crashed into the back of a car on the 101 freeway.

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Rapper Roddy Ricch is fighting a lawsuit related to a Los Angeles car crash which allegedly left one driver with serious injuries.

The “Box” hitmaker has been accused of rear-ending the plaintiff’s car with a borrowed Dodge Charger on the 101 freeway, and his negligence is said to have caused the plaintiff to sustain a series of injuries which caused him great “mental, physical, emotional, and nervous pain, suffering, and distress.”

It’s unclear when the accident took place, but in legal papers, the other driver claims Ricch was “traveling at an unsafe speed and distance, failed to stop his vehicle, causing (his) vehicle to get pushed into the left-center divider and another vehicle in front of his.”

The plaintiff is seeking compensation for all medical, hospital, and incidental expenses, as well as property damage, loss of past and future earnings, and legal fees.

Ricch has since responded to the suit, demanding the court action be thrown out, insisting the collision wasn’t all his fault, and alleging there was “negligence” on the part of the plaintiff.