Romeo And Master P’s Family Feud Escalates Over Potato Chip Brand

Romeo Master P

Romeo Miller discussed his lack of compensation from the Rap Snacks brand amid his issues with his father Master P.

The family drama between Romeo Miller and Master P continued to play out via social media on Monday (December 19).

Romeo called out Master P for alleged financial misdeeds involving the Rap Snacks potato chip brand. According to Romeo, he never got paid for lending his likeness to the company.

“This year I will get my first Rap Snacks check and finally start receiving my earnings from my bags,” Master P’s son wrote on Instagram. “I was told as kid that we owned Rap Snacks, and that my payday would come after put in work and sold company, silly me! I promoted a company for free for 15+ years based on the word of my pops, without being allowed to see any contracts or even meet with the team, and I stayed loyal … but I’m entitled and ungrateful now?”

Romeo discussed his lack of Rap Snacks compensation after recently claiming he’s never been paid for anything he accomplished as Lil Romeo. He said his money was used to pay off Master P’s taxes.

Master P accused his son of acting entitled and spoiled. He later declared he was dropping the feud with his son in a video posted on social media. Romeo fired back at his dad in his since-deleted post about Rap Snacks.

“Only addressing this here because my father is trying to gaslight and break me instead of taking accountability of his mistakes and greed and this is just the tip of the iceberg,” he wrote. “My concern was never about money but that’s the only thing that was highlighted, so here we are.”

Romeo added, “I never brought this to social media, my father @masterp did when he felt the urge to call out blogs to clear up stories that was bothering him. I rarely post, but I do have a voice too and I won’t be bullied. I forgave my dad years ago and I apologize for entertaining this on here, because it’s out of character, but sometimes that’s what it takes. He has to be willing to get help too.”