Romeo Miller Responds To Rumors He Beefed With Master P For Publicity

Romeo Miller Master P

Some people thought the conflict was a publicity stunt for the ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ show.

The family feud involving Percy “Master P” Miller and his son Romeo Miller played out in front of the world. Part of that bad blood stemmed from Romeo claiming his father misled him about a deal with the Rap Snacks brand.

“This year I will get my first Rap Snacks check and finally start receiving my earnings from my bags,” wrote Romeo Miller in December. “I was told as a kid that we owned Rap Snacks, and that my payday would come after [I] put in work and sold [the] company, silly me!”

The 33-year-old entertainer continued, “I promoted a company for free for 15+ years based on the word of my pops, without being allowed to see any contracts or even meet with the team, and I stayed loyal… but I’m entitled and ungrateful now?”

Master P & Romeo Miller Called A Truce

The Millers were able to publicly reconcile. However, there were still questions about the feuding family members. Romeo Miller recently attended the Rap Snacks Disrupt 2023 Conference, and he addressed rumors that the entire ordeal with Master P was a publicity stunt for the Growing Up Hip Hop reality series.

“Funny thing is, I shot that before all of that. So people were saying this is for publicity. Nah, my thing is this is just about life. If you’re gonna be a celebrity, if you’re gonna be a public figure, you’re gonna have to have some things bleed out, deal with it, and try to use it as an example for others to learn from you,” Romeo Miller told Baller Alert.

He added, “It’s all about communication. That’s all. No family is perfect… but if you are in the public eye, if you are a celebrity, the things you wanna show are gonna come out, and the things you don’t wanna show. You gotta be strong enough to know who you are, what you stand for, to deal with the ridicule and misunderstanding that’s gonna come with it.”