Romeo Miller Slams ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ For Mocking His Faith, Stirring Up Tension & More

“I could no longer bite my tongue.”

(AllHipHop News) Rapper/actor Romeo Miller is not associated with WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop reality show any longer. However, on Sunday, he took to Instagram to share his thoughts on how he is being depicted on the program.

The 30-year-old industry veteran uploaded several videos and emails connected to his grievances with GUHH. The caption for the IG slides called out WE tv for several reasons including allegedly mischaracterizing his father Percy “Master P” Miller, using inaccurate editing, and fostering fake hostility among the cast.

Romeo wrote:

PRESS PLAY & SWIPE! I could no longer bite my tongue when a network is using my own father’s words against him when we truly have nothing but love for these people, despite our differences we tried to protect a family and they used it for entertainment. SWIPE LEFT: this is what happens before we get on camera. Imagine fighting for your truth and that not being good enough for “your show”. Seasons later, they are still trying to force relationships and friendships. PIC 2: if you watch the show, you may think I never speak up, but my methods are just different from my fathers. I know if I speak they’ll edit, I know regardless if I speak; they’ll edit the show to make it look as if I don’t speak. I didn’t mind that, my breaking point was them using my religion and faith in the storyline to be made a mockery. I’m not perfect, but my faith is a big key to my success and happiness and that was toyed with. PIC 3: is an example of the end product months later. They push you to your breaking point and use that to promote the show, when in reality the convo was 30min calm and 2min fire. PIC 4: no one knows because no one cares about the truth, but while filming this of course I have to attend certain events because it’s in my contract, I’m dealing with my cousin being murdered and my aunty passing away and out of love, I attend Egypt’s engagement party but I’m chancing missing my aunties funeral. THEY SAID NOTHING ABOUT THAT, only that Romeo thinks he’s too cool so he dipped. PIC 5: well you can read for yourself. PIC 6: you guys really believe a show who doesn’t even have the audacity to use MY ACTUAL SONG?! Lmao PIC 7: the icing on the cake, they build us up to tear each other down!!! This convo with me and @boogiedashtl is the true example of REALITY TV. Out of everyboooddyy on the show, I have zero conflict with Boogs! But since he’s the one who showed up to the meeting , they stir up the tension to get THE SHOT. Look, it’s life and men will be men, we took jabs ‍♂️ ‍♂️ But we talked it out after ha. But real life, got luv 4 all the cast (and we will talk soon once they wrap) the show was just draining. Out. ✌ #WeAllWeGot #GodIsGood