Russell Simmons Launching New Podcast “Lifestyles Of Hip Hop Yogi”

After being away in Bali, Indonesia Russell Simmons emerges with a new venture.

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons is launching a new podcast called “Lifestyles of Hip Hop Yogi” soon.

He plans to have special guest appearances from his celebrity friends in the industry to reflect on old times and to tap into what they are doing to sustain themselves for the next leg of their lives.

“I want to speak to everybody from Snoop and 50 and all the people that are older,” Russell Simmons told “And I want to talk about their journeys… what they’ve learned. Some of the people like Puffy, have traveled through a long life and still are hot. They didn’t fall off.”

The show will feature a roster of guests that will look like an awards show, since, in his Rolodex, Russell Simmons has access to Hip-Hop’s elite.

What else is the Def Jam founder doing in 2020?

“I’m building a school that teaches yogis how to teach yogis,” Russell Simmons revealed.

The school will be in a 40 bedroom facility in Bali, Indonesia, where he resides.

“I’m building it because I want the rest of my life to be about getting people out of suffering. Teaching them ways to cope and be happier and be greater servants,” Russell Simmons explained. “And to follow, you know it sounds boring, but it’s the same in the Bible and the Quran and the Torah and the Yoga Sutras about the same s###. It’s all the same. Here’s how we act to feel better and to help others and to have a happier, healthier life. These are basic things.”