Saweetie Explains Venting About Men She Trusts On “Don’t Say Nothin'” Single


Self-described Icy Grl #Saweetie has the internet talking.

Warner recording artist Saweetie returned this week with brand-new music. The California-raised rhymer dropped an EP titled The Single Life today (November 11).

“Don’t Say Nothin'” is one of the tracks that lives on The Single Life project. The song instantly generated headlines for its lyrics that seem to address some of Saweetie’s rumored liaisons with a few celebrities.

Saweetie and Migos member Quavo dated for several years. Over the last few months, rumors circulated claiming Saweetie slept with Quavo’s fellow Quality Control comrades Offset and Lil Baby.

“Why n##### always speaking on who I’m f###### on?” raps Saweetie on the “Don’t Say Nothin'” record. “He must’ve got excited when I Facetimed with nothing on. Them same lips that’s yapping, be the ones I nutted on.”

Saweetie Says She’s Ready To Put Her Personal Experiences Into Her Music

Apple Music 1 host Zane Lowe spoke to Saweetie about dropping The Single Life. She specifically talked about her mindset while making “Don’t Say Nothin'” and how the song reflects her real-life relationships with men.

“The vibe felt very urgent. It felt very intense but in a good way. And it was fun because I was just like, I was venting about all my experiences when I thought that I was dealing with a man that I can trust, and then it turns out he had a big mouth,” said Saweetie.

She continued, “So it was a lot of storytelling and I just put all my experiences into one song. I feel like that sound is the reason why I’m here, and I never want to turn my back on what made me great. So it’s like I had to go back to my Bay roots and, honestly, I was just talking my s###, and being honest about what’s happened to me.”

Saweetie also told Zane Lowe that she feels it is time to share more of her experiences through her music, calling the studio her therapy. The 29-year-old born Diamonté Harper then teased something “very special” for her fans will arrive in December.