Scarface Talks Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & Why Donald Trump Is A Genius (VIDEO)


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(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop fans know Scarface is not one to hold his tongue. The rap legend sat down with The Unlikely Show with Chuck Creekmur and Nida Khan, and the conversation covered the current state of American politics.

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As the 2016 presidential campaign heats up, Face had a lot to say about leading candidates Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. He also mentioned the current man in the White House – President Barack Obama.

“I said that I wouldn’t vote for Obama, because I love him, and they’re gonna want him hanged after that,” said Scarface referring to lyrics from his Emeritus album. “I said that sh*t way before he was the president.”

Clinton is currently the favorite to replace Obama as the next presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. The former Secretary of State has been facing criticism for using a personal email server. But she has consistently claimed none of the messages were marked classified.

“Hillary’s getting f*cked with behind emails,” stated Scarface. “Who gives a f*ck about an email? Was it kiddie p### or some sh*t? Do we have a f*cking problem?”

When it came to controversial Republican front-runner Donald Trump, Face offered an explanation for why the businessman/reality TV star is connecting with certain voters.

“I think Donald Trump is a genius. I think he’s a gazillionaire for a reason,” said the Houston native. “I think he may say some sh*t that’s offensive. I think he is unapologetic, because he’s f*cking rich.”

Scarface added, “I’m not advocating a motherf*cking thing about Donald Trump. But I see his vision, and I know what his aim is. Does that sh*t help us in our position where we are today? No, because we don’t have the money to invest in the sh*t he’s getting ready to put together.”

Scarface’s Deeply Rooted album is scheduled for release on September 4.

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Watch Scarface’s interview below.


PHOTO: Scarface’s Instagram