Scarface Scolds Ted Cruz For Attending NRA Convention In Wake Of Uvalde School Shooting

Scarface and Ted Cruz

Scarface lambasted Cruz, who spoke at the NRA’s annual meeting in Houston days after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Scarface called out Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the aftermath of a deadly school shooting in Uvalde.

The Hip Hop legend condemned Cruz for appearing at the NRA’s convention in Houston on Friday (May 27). Scarface wondered why the Republican politician attended the event after 19 children and two adults were shot and killed at an elementary school on May 24.

“Man @tedcruz has no compassion for anything or anyone,” Scarface wrote via Twitter. “You took off at a time your constituents needed you most you flew to Cancun during the freeze, you let a man insult your wife, your father, hell he insulted you, and now you’re a trumpet you dare to show up at NRA convention?”

He added, “Ay @tedcruz imagine the terror those little 4th graders faced, the pain tha families are dealing with right now, This is a bad time to attend an NRA convention, btw I have a 4th grader, and I also have an assault rifle I’d be willing to part with my weapon, but NOT my 4th grader.”

Scarface later posted a link to an Axios report, which listed the lawmakers benefiting from the gun lobby’s donations. Cruz reportedly accepted the most money from gun rights groups.