Sir Mix-A-Lot To Sell Booty Inspired NFTs To Raise Money For Colorectal Cancer


Sir Mix-A-Lot is selling hand-sketched, hand-colored, and hand-assembled replicas of women’s booties as NFTs to raise money for cancer!

Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot made it big in the early 90s with his hit song, “Baby Got Back.”

According to Deadline, in celebration of the song’s 30th Anniversary, the Seattle native is auctioning “Big Butts” NFTs and will use the proceeds to raise monies for research in colorectal cancer.

The project is a partnership with the developer META-X Studios.

The plan is to release a 6,666-piece NFT collection. Each piece will be hand-sketched, hand-colored, and hand-assembled replicas of women’s booties created by animated artists. 

Some of the designs have been created by the butt connoisseur himself, Sir Mix-A-Lot.

“When the team at META-X showed me what they were doing, it was a no-brainer for me,” said the “Posse On Broadway” artist. “And as an artist entering this new medium of NFTs, the idea of designing my own branded butts was exciting. Add to it the benefit of raising funds for a great cause like colorectal cancer, and wow! I hope everyone enjoys grabbing onto some nice NFT booty while helping others at the same time.”

The NFT’s four-day release is set for March 28th-31 st on the META-X Studio’s Discord channel

An undecided portion of each sale will benefit the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating the disease.

“Baby Got Back” is the artist’s biggest single, earning him a Grammy Award for “Best Rap Song” in 1993.