Slum Village Co-Founder T3 Launches New Men’s Health Initiative


(AllHipHop News) Slum Village co-founder, T3, has founded a new organization with a mission to help raise the awareness of Black men’s health issues, particularly the importance of preventive, wellness check-ups and mental health resources.

T3 gained a special affinity for health after losing both of his Slum Village bandmates before they reached the age of 35.

The legendary Jay Dee, also known as J Dilla, in 2006 died after battling Lupus and a rare blood disorder called TTP. Baatin was diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia, and died due to complications of drug use in 2009.

T3 says he started Mind Over Matter in their memory, so that families and friends don’t have to lose their loved ones as early as he did, as well as to help Black men change their attitudes towards overall health.

The goal of Mind Over Matter is to reach the African-American adult male in the 25 – 40 age spectrum.

“Everyone knows how important it is to be healthy,” T3 states, “but, not everyone is healthy or acting with a healthy mentality and behavior. In many of our communities, Black men spend so much time trying to make it in a complex society and handle business when it comes to their families and their business initiatives, that they have forgotten to take care of themselves.”

Mind Over Matter plans to offer an “Open Mic Speaker Series,” where T3 will talk openly about health issues that he and his Slum Village bandmates experienced.

The series will also offer information and solutions for how others can cope with health issues and care for loved ones diagnosed with mental health challenges.

“It’s tough to ‘hustle hard’ and accomplish your goals, when the mind and body are not healthy,” he added.

Mind Over Matter wants to reach Black men in a relevant and engaging manner, and T3 is available for panel discussions, speaking engagements and local performances to benefit health organizations. Reach T3 on Twitter (@T3SV).