Snoop Dogg Accused Of Harassing Alleged Sexual Assault Victim After She Filed Lawsuit

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2013 who now alleges he is harassing her for taking action against him.

Snoop Dogg is being sued for sexual assault by an unidentified woman, who now claims he is harassing her because she has taken legal action against him.  

Radar Online reports the woman, who goes by the pseudonym Jane Doe in court docs, has amended her lawsuit. Now, she has added new claims of defamation and false light against Snoop and his team. 

Jane Doe alleges Snoop Dogg and his friend bishop Don Juan, also named in the suit, sexually assaulted her in 2013. She claims she went to Don Juan’s home after a Snoop concert where he assaulted her. Snoop later assaulted her in the bathroom of a studio, according to her claims.  

The West Coast rapper denies all of the allegations and says he is being targeted in a “shakedown by Jane Doe. He filed a 17-page dismissal, asking the court to throw out her “implausible and false” claims.  

“Nothing remotely resembling plaintiff’s story about defendant Calvin Broadus [Snoop Dogg] ever happened. He vehemently denies ever engaging in any sex act with plaintiff or assaulting or battering her,” he claims in legal docs.   

Snoop Dogg responded to Jane Doe’s lawsuit, calling her a “gold digger” in an Instagram post. TMZ reports their sources say she demanded a $10 million settlement from the rapper and only sued because he rejected it.  

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Jane Doe Claims Snoop Dogg Is Harassing Her  

Now, according to Radar Online, Jane Doe has taken issue with Snoop’s comments on Instagram and those of his publicist. She claims Snoop made his “gold digger” post days after a failed attempt at mediation in February. She believes Snoop threatened her with criminal and civil prosecution because she “complained of sexual harassment.” 

Furthermore, she says his lawyers tried to threaten her lawyers just days after she filed suit. She claims they told her attorney, Snoop “will pursue a malicious prosecution action against your client and your firm seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages.” 

She claims it was then that the statement from Snoop’s rep accusing her of extortion was issued.  

It read: “The allegations by [Jane Doe] of sexual assault by Calvin Broadus (known as Snoop Dogg), are simply meritless. They appear to be part of a self-enrichment shakedown scheme by [Jane Doe] to extort Snoop Dogg…[Jane Doe]’s scheme involves concocting a legal complaint as an anonymous “Jane Doe” plaintiff, and, knowing full well it can be a public document, filing this complaint late Wednesday, only three days before the Super Bowl.” 

However, the rep used Jane Doe’s real name in the statement, which she claims demonstrates Snoop’s pattern of practice of scaring, intimidating, retaliating against, and harassing victims of sexual harassment. She says in her filings that she fears Snoop, or one of his fans will carry out his threats.  

Jane Doe is seeking unspecified damages from Snoop Dogg for alleged defamation as well as alleged sexual assault.