Snoop Dogg Responds To Rumors That He Was Kicked Out Of Long Beach


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Snoop Dogg has issued a video via Facebook responding to claims that he was kicked out of his old neighborhood in Long Beach by his own set, the Rolling 20s Crips. It was alleged that the Crips were feeling some type of way about Snoop for always name dropping the set but not paying them royalties. When he arrived to his old stomping grounds with three or four cars of security, he was reportedly rejected and shown no love. 

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In the video response, Snoop claims that this incident never occurred and it’s a rumor drummed up by gang members who resent that he is doing something positive with “young homies” or are upset that he doesn’t acknowledge them anymore.

“I am the LBC and me and my young homies have a great relationship,” Snoop said. “I’m enlightening homies and showing them how to get it a different way. That’s what real big homies do. I refuse to put a pistol or a sack in my little homies’ hand.”

Snoop also alluded to knowing who started the rumor and promised to have a conversation with them in person.

“You’re gonna get that face to face with me and I’m gonna give you the intellect that you totally deserve.”

Watch the video on his FB page here.