Summer Walker Announces She Is Pregnant With Second Child

Summer Walker

Summer Walker confirmed she is pregnant with a child and showed off her growing baby bump at the BET Awards over the weekend!

Singer Summer Walker dropped a big bomb on her fans on her Instagram Live after her“Hot Summer Night in LA” concert at She’s having another baby!

The pregnancy announcement took fans by storm and validated many suspicions. After the show, fans commented on her outfit and questioned if she was with child on social media.

She said on her IG Live, “People asking me if I’m pregnant. I am!” And, you know, I’m very very very happy about it, very excited about it.”

This will be her second child.

She continued, “It’s just, you know, really peaceful, really happy. Lots of help, lots of love, and the only reason I’m even saying anything is because, you know, last time… I felt very disrespected that people didn’t let me tell that myself.”

The help is most certainly coming from her rumored boyfriend, rapper Lvrd Pharoh. The two have been linked together since 2021.

According to the “Girls Need Love” singer, this time around, she feels more comfortable about the process and is happy that people allowed her to share the news on her own.

News about her first child, a 1-year-old daughter with producer, London on da Track, was leaked without her consent.

Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean the 26-year-old is toning down on her sex appeal. She appeared at the BET Award show red carpet almost topless with gold pasties that matched her gold mini skirt, black strappy shoes, gold earrings, and toned belly.

Now that’s what you call a “Hot Mama.”