Swizz Beatz Explains How A 4-Day Bender Almost Paralyzed Him

Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz feared he may never walk again amid past health scare brought on by partying. Read on!

Swizz Beatz has recalled how he believed he might not walk again amid a past health scare.

During a recent appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” the music producer – real name Kasseem Dean – reflected on the time he ended up in hospital after pushing himself too far several years ago.

“When you come from nothing, and you finally get success, and finally get a piece of what you thought you could never get from your surroundings – we just have a habit of going hard as men, as women… and it caught up to me,” he stated.

“I remember staying up for four days straight just over-pushing it. It messed up my immune system – I had spinal meningitis,” Swizz revealed.

Swizz then recounted how a doctor at the hospital told him he may not be able to walk again shortly after he was admitted.

“I remember going to the hospital, and the doctor was cold. He was cold as ice,” the 44-year-old recalled. “As soon as I walked in, he said, ‘O.K., you might not die, but you definitely can’t walk again.’ That was the first thing they said to me when I went into the hospital. But I was in so much pain, I was like, ‘Let’s get on to it.’ But, Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), I learned how to walk again, I came back, and I beat the odds with that one.”

Accordingly, Swizz – who is married to Alicia Keys – insisted that he no longer takes his health for granted.

“And now, I try to take my health a little bit more serious,” he added.