SZA Pays Tribute To Her “Fave” Lizzo During HBO Special, Teases New Collabs

Lizzo SZA

SZA joined Lizzo onstage after it was revealed that the pair recorded “five or six” rock songs that may appear on the ‘SOS’ deluxe edition.

SZA joined Lizzo onstage for a memorable performance during Lizzo’s recent HBO Max special Lizzo: Live in Concert.  

“This is my f###### fave,” SZA announced to the crowd as she pointed excitedly at Lizzo who appeared overwhelmed by the praise from her friend and collaborator. “Make some noise for my f###### fave, Lizzo” she repeated as the audience erupted with cheers.  

“This is unreal,” she added. “Thank you so much for even just being my friend. I love you, you’re special.” 

While many fans were left wondering why the two friends did not collaborate on SZA’s latest project, SOS, a recent interview revealed Lizzo is in fact on the album. “F2F” features a pitched-up recording of the “Grrrls” hitmaker hidden behind the track. Lizzo also is credited as a songwriter on the track and was in the studio with SZA while she recorded it.  

“We just happened to have that one pulled up the day that Lizzo was there,” Rob Bisel, one of the producers, told Rolling Stone.  

SZA Confirms Upcoming Lizzo Collab

The “No Love” singer herself also teased a Lizzo feature on the deluxe edition, revealing she appears on “Boy From South Detroit.” 

However, the duo also recorded “five or six” rock songs that could appear on the deluxe.  

“There’s definitely a handful [of tracks with Lizzo]. I don’t want to incriminate myself here, but there’s some stuff floating around for sure,” Bisel admitted.  

“We just have so much fun together. And I feel like she gets me. She’s another person who has hella music tastes and doesn’t fit in anybody’s box of anything,” added SZA. “She makes it seem like she doesn’t even care like she just does whatever she wants. And I just love being with her, just as a friend and hanging out. So whenever she comes to a studio, I just feel like, ‘Let’s drop into some b#######.’”