T.I. and Killer Mike Give Out 500 Meals To Families In Need

The rappers join the chorus of others that are stepping up to support families impacted by the coronavirus.

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(AllHipHop News) Typically, when the world talks about rappers, they have them pegged as gluttonous show-offs with a proclivity to flash their money, cash, and fame around in ways to inspire fans’ envy and idolization.

Words like BALLIN’ … MAKIN’ IT RAIN … DRIP …CAKIN’ … BLING … BANK … paint their overall narrative.

But since the COVID-19 pandemic, many of your favorite top artists have stepped out of their rich and famous lifestyles to share some of their abundance with those suffering from the onset of the disease.

And while it would seem easy to say that Killer Mike and T.I. have stepped outside of their rap star personas to help others, that would simply be an untruth.

These two, both graduates of Frederick Douglass High School, have been giving back for years.

They have both been educating and empowering their communities well before this national crisis — without fanfare.

Unlike the typical rappers that you hear about on The ‘Gram, they have always moved differently.

They have done so forever without care or media alert, only with the service spirit only present from people who have hearts wide open for the people they love.

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The pals have come together to feel 500 Atlanta residents hot meals during these season of quarantine.

Tip and Mike have collaborated with PAWkids, a family enrichment center, to give foods to people in the Grove Park community in Atlanta, serving up the grub in the Bankhead Seafood parking lot.

Fans outside of the Trap capital of The South might not know that the dynamic duo has been helping out over the last couple of weeks. Under the radar, they have provided many needy families with food, hygiene products and even dropping off some cash to families with their backs against the wall.

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Wealthy men like these the GRAMMY-Award winners could very easily sit back count their duckets in the safety of their homes and would be in their right to worry only about the people in their households.

But no. They masked and gloved up, reached in their pockets, and lent their celebrity names —sure to draw attention to PAWkids and donations— to support others. Bravo gentlemen.