T.I.’s Stepdaughter Zonnique Addresses Gun Arrest At Atlanta Airport


(AllHipHopNews) Earlier this month, T.I’s stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins was arrested at Hartsfields-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, after attempting to pass her .380 semiautomatic pistol through TSA.

Today in an interview with TooFab, Pullins finally tells her side of the story. She claims that the messy situation was just a big mistake.

“I was running really late to the airport, so I was throwing a lot of stuff into my purse so I could get there and the gun is really small and it was in the bottom of my purse,” Pullins told TooFab. “I just forgot it was in there. I couldn’t see it, so when I went through security check, they pretty much found it.”

Pullins mother, Tameka “Tiny” Harris came to her daughter’s support and said she is the one who purchased the firearm for Pullins for protection because she’s out on her own now.

Harris also says she made sure that her daughter was properly trained with the weapon as well.

“A gun is no good if you don’t know what to do with it,” said Tiny. “These streets are crazy. This is my baby, my first love and I just want to make sure she’s safe.”