TDE President Punch Calls Out DJ Vlad

aroomfullofmirrors Punch

Vlad’s interview with Daylyt did not sit right with the aroomfullofmirrors member.

Terrence “Punch” Henderson Jr. has some words for media personality DJ Vlad. The President of Top Dawg Entertainment took to social media to call out the VladTV founder.

Apparently, Punch was not a fan of a recent VladTV interview. A series of YouTube videos featuring conversations with Daylyt included the West Coast battle rapper discussing his association with the TDE record label.

DJ Vlad titled a March 13 clip “Daylyt on Getting with TDE After TDE President Punch Rapped on His Song.” The following day, the DJVlad YouTube channel premiered “Daylyt Breaks Down TDE’s Power Structure: Top Snaps a Finger & It’s War.”

In the March 14 video, Vlad questioned Punch’s position with Top Dawg Entertainment. Vlad also wondered why Punch is taking time away from his “real job” of running TDE to work on the aroomfullofmirrors project.

On Tuesday, Punch posted a statement on his social media accounts directed at DJ Vlad. The California-based record executive/recording artist wrote:

Aye champ (@djvlad), These headlines you use are very deceptive and misleading. I get it, you need something catchy for the bait, but be careful, it can be damaging.

Also, don’t ever question what I do in that matter and with that tone. Black people are in general, super creative and innovative and can do more than one thing (and at a high level).

Basically, we can chew gum and walk at the [same] time, my guy. I can create a marketing plan with SZA and then go rap with AROOMFULLOFMIRRORS.


Punch, The President/Rapper

@iamstillpunch Twitter

Punch’s tweet included the caption, “In case you needed clarity @djvlad.” The “Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtains” performer’s Instagram caption read, “The nerve of these [people].”