Teacher Resigns After Students Film Him Saying The N-word In Class

Student who filed the teacher cursing was suspended for using her phone.

A Glendale High School teacher, who was filmed saying the n-word several times by one of his students in his Geometry class, resigns from Springfield Public Schools.

The teacher, Kenneth Bowling, attempted to engage his students about who can and cannot use the derogatory word during class.

Bowling is heard on the recording he saying did not like the N-word, adding, “I don’t know. It feels like when a Black person is using it towards another Black person, it’s the same. How is it not still a derogatory word?”

He then used the word.

Though students said they were offended by his use of the slur, he continued to use it.

“But I am not calling anyone a N-word,” he said. “I can say the word.”

Students videotaped part of his exchange and posted it on social media, and within days he was placed on administrative leave.

Now, Stephen Hall, an SPS spokesman, says the educator has officially resigned, turning in his paperwork to the district on Monday, May 15.

“The teacher who was initially placed on administrative leave following the situation at Glendale High School is no longer employed by Springfield Public Schools,” Hall said in a prepared statement, according to Springfield Daily Citizen.

Ironically, Mary Walton, the student who filmed the exchange was suspended from school for three days. Officials said she violated the district’s strict no-cell phone-in-class policy.

“Much speculation has occurred regarding student discipline related to a video recording of the unacceptable classroom incident,” Hall said. “The student handbook is clear on consequences for inappropriate use of electronic devices.”