Tekashi 69 Accused Of Stiffing Lawyers In $150 Million Shooting Lawsuit

Tekashi 69

Tekashi 69 has no problem flaunting his wealth, but apparently the money is not trickling down to his lawyers who claim he owes them in a $150 million shooting lawsuit!

Tekashi 69 is back in the news.

This time, the headline is not about him trolling the internet to promo a new song, but about more of his unfortunate legal troubles.

Yup, his 2018 shooting case (where a woman is suing him for $150 million) is compromised and this time he can’t point to no one else but himself since his legal team, Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt, has officially dropped him.

Radaronline.com dropped the news stating that they received documents to confirm that he will now be responsible to defend himself in this upcoming case without their support.

The separation was sparked because the Brooklyn rapper seems to be delinquent in paying his legal fees. The firm said that he stopped speaking to them in December 2020 and has not satisfied his $10,984 bill.

The law firm expressed to the court, “Unfortunately, the relationship between the Firm and Hernandez is irretrievably broken, and the Firm, therefore, cannot continue to represent Hernandez in the Action.”

They continued, “In addition, the Firm represents Hernandez in several unrelated actions and Hernandez has failed to pay the Firm’s fees and expenses in connection with those actions as well (the Firm anticipates making motions to withdraw in those actions). Hernandez has not made any payment to the Firm since September 2020, despite his obligation to pay on a monthly basis.”

Because of this, the court has granted Tekashi a stay for a couple of months, hoping he can find counsel swiftly.

The woman, who is going by the pseudonym Jane Doe, was a victim in June of 2018 in alleged Nine Trey Bloods gang shooting.

This story is developing.