Tevin Campbell Recalls Getting Drunk & Being “Very Nasty” To Wyclef During A Studio Session 

Tevin Campbell recalled the time he acted “like a brat,” cursing at Wyclef, who was so fed up he called his mum to try to force him to behave.

Tevin Campbell was just a teenager when he was making the timeless R&B hits that still resonate around the world to this day. Like many child stars thrust into the public eye at an early age, he had to grow up while adjusting to the trappings of fame, and it wasn’t always easy as he revealed during a recent interview. 

The “I’m Ready” singer took a walk down memory lane during a recent episode of the State of Black Music Podcast. He shared some of the tales from his early career, including an encounter with Wyclef that he said now is “actually pretty funny.” 

“When I was a kid, dude. I can tell you the story of when I had too much to drink and I was working with Wyclef,” Tevin Campbel recalled. “This is actually pretty funny… I had a session with Wyclef. Great session, we did some great songs. And so, before the session, I went into the lobby at the bar and had eight cosmopolitans. Eight. In the span of probably two hours, three hours. So, I was sh*t-faced.” 

After drinking in the bar, he then headed to the studio to get some work done. Wyclef played a few tracks, “and every song he played for me I was like, ‘Oh, that sucks. That’s horrible, play the next one.”

Tevin Campbell Recalls “Acting Like A Brat”

Tevin Campbell then revealed things got so bad that Clef had to call his mom.  

He continued, “I was cursing, too! I was being very, like a brat and just horrible. I was like, ‘This s### sucks. What the f### is this, play the next one… And so, then he called my mom ’cause he couldn’t take it anymore. I was drunk! Acting a fool, acting like a brat.” 

However, even though Wyclef had his mother on the line, Tevin Campbell continued to act up and the session was canceled. He believes Clef “still holds that against me ’til this day… maybe not.” Check out the episode below.