The Tupac Shakur Estate Announces Second Annual Poetry Month Competition

T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. can be seen in big powerful ways like in book/movie like The Hate U Give or in soft ways like his own poem “Sometimes I Cry.”

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(AllHipHop News) While Tupac Amaru Shakur was a rapper and an actor, few people know that he was super serious about the fine arts.

Well read, he was an avid Shakespeare reader and understood various nuances in the works of people like Langston Hughes and James Baldwin. He loved their poetry.

One way he was able to show his poetry as a teen was to write them and a few years after his death, one of his teachers worked with his estate to publish “A Rose Grew from The Concrete.”

As a fan, this book that basically bleeds the most inner thoughts of a young Shakur is a must-read for any youth struggling to dream in the concrete jungle.

Its ain’t hard to tell that’s where Pac’s passion was: His poetry was as poignant as his music.

In recognition of National Poetry Month, The Estate of Tupac Shakur announces the second Tupac Poetry Month Competition.

Fans and poets alike can submit an original poem, participants if efforts to be eligible to win a limited edition merch bundle inspired by the poetry of Tupac Shakur.

While the contest started early April, there is still time to enter. For details on the contest, click here.

From April 8-30 2020, the Estate is also selling the special swag for $25 to $65 on in celebration of National Poetry Month, with the proceeds being donated to UNICEF USA.

The six-piece capsule includes short and long sleeve tees, a hoodie, and a baseball cap.