‘They Not Fin To Play With Me!’ Kanye Not Allowed to Attend His Daughter’s Birthday Party

Kanye West

Says that Kim, Tristan and none of the nannies would give him the address to the kid’s celebration.

Billionaire rapper Kanye West says that he was not allowed to attend one of his daughters’ birthday party. He took to social media to share with fans and spectators this personal matter.

The “sharing” was captured by DJ Akademiks and posted to his Instagram.

In the video, an emotional Yeezy says, “I am wishing my daughter a public ‘Happy Birthday.’ I wasn’t allowed to know where her party was.”

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“It’s nothing legal,” he continued to say. “This the kind of games being played.”

The “DONDA” rapper says that this has been an ongoing issue, that has impacted his personal health.

“I am not playing and I am taking control of my narrative this year,” he said. “I am going to be the best version, the Ye version, of a father.”

“Chicago, Happy Birthday,” he said before saying that he called Kim, the nannies, and Tristan to get the address but no one would give it to him, and is asking the community for support.

He further shared that he didn’t want his child to think he wasn’t there.

Yeezy said that he took time away from recording his next album to spend time with his daughter, believing that is why he works hard to have money — so that he can be there for his children.

“They been taking the fathers out the home purposefully!”

He ended his live by saying that they were not “fin to play” with him.