TI, Domani and Messiah Do The Ultimate Link-Up On “Family Connect”

TI and sons Domani and Messiah all link up for an awesome video for “Family Connect.”

The Harris Family finally gives what the fans have been asking for. The gift comes in the form of the music video for “Family Connect.”  Tip and his son Domani are on the mic and Messiah, another Harris Family son, crafts the beat of the song.

Domani gave AllHipHop the scoop on why this is so special.

“I’ve always wanted to do a record with my pops but I’m also working really hard to keep our careers separate. I felt this was the perfect song for us to collaborate on because it talks about that,” he said.

Folks may recall a clip going viral in October where Tip and Domani hit the stage together at AfroPunk in Atlanta. That was the song, but there were no visuals.

Tip was filming movies and Domani was traveling on D Smoke’s “War & Wonders” tour. Hip-Hop’s favorite father and son duo linked up with BLE Studios and Philly Fly Boy to finish the highly-anticipated video.

The single is not exactly new, but it feels fresh.

“Family Connect” originally showed up on Tip’s latest studio album, 2020’s “The L.I.B.R.A” (The Legend Is Back Running Atlanta). The apex of the project was “Pardon” – which featured Lil Baby. The song broke into the top 20 and was trending on YouTube. The Tip came back with “Ring,” which featured Young Thug. 

SXSW in Austin, TX yielded a celebration for Domani’s 21st birthday on Wednesday at Just Blaze’s showcase.  They not only performed “Family Connect,” but fam brought out a birthday cake for Domani. Everybody say to the young legend-to-be.

Hit songs like “Live Your Life,” which featured Rihanna topped the charts, but nothing is bigger than featuring Domani and Messiah on a single track.

“Working with your children musically tops any feature I’ve ever done, because this is my blood, and they both did their thang on it making me a proud pops,” the King said.