TikTok Sensation VanVan Sets It Off At First Live Rap Performance


Toddler VanVan wowed everyone who said she was a “highlight” of the weekend at the Cheerwine Festival.

While Hip-Hop is 50, some of its newest stars are super young.

In fact, TikTok star “VanVan” has emerged as one of the most enjoyable acts to pop off on the social media platform.

Over the weekend, VanVan, whose real name is Savannah McConneaughey, debuted her new single and performed her very first time on stage at the Cheerwine Festival in Salisbury, North Carolina. The song the miniature emcee rapped was called “Playing Outside Everyday” and features her parents.

Her dad said this was a proud “Dad Moment.”

One fan said, “Van Van snapped.”

A volunteer from the festival said meeting the 4-year-old was a “highlight” of the festival. She tweeted, “After months of planning for the 2023 Cheerwine Festival, we pulled it off. A few highlights – the crowd selfie, meeting VanVan, media monitoring and guiding festival goers throughout the day on social media. Kudos to my coworkers, Cheerwine staff and the volunteers.”

Some people are thinking the song is so good, that it might be an anthem for the summer. The North Carolina sweety rapped on the track, “My name is VanVan / Ain’t no time to play / Playing outside, everyday.”

VanVan is also getting a bag. According to BET.com, she has linked up with the fried chicken franchise Bojangles.