Tory Lanez Sued For Foreclosure, Allegedly Owes Over $1 Million For Condo

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez, who is awaiting trial in an assault case, is facing a foreclosure lawsuit after allegedly failing to make a payment for a condo.

Tory Lanez is facing more legal trouble.

According to Radar Online, the controversial artist has been hit with a foreclosure lawsuit. A company called BH 4908 LLC sued him for allegedly failing to make a mortgage payment.

Tory Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, purchased a Miami condo for $1.8 million in 2018. BH 4908 gave him a $1.26 million loan to buy the property.

The Canadian rapper/singer agreed to monthly mortgage payments of $11,057.40. He was also supposed to make a balloon payment for over $1 million in December 2021.

BH 4908 claims Tory Lanez failed to pay the $1,237,456.06 balloon note. As a result, the company’s asked the court for permission to foreclose on the condo.

Tory Lanez allegedly owes $1,237,456.06 plus interest on the loan. BH 4908 wants to sell the home to the highest bidder. It also wants the multi-platinum selling artist to pay the difference between the amount the condo’s sold for and the amount he owes.

The foreclosure lawsuit is another problem for Tory Lanez, who is awaiting trial in an assault case. He’s been accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020.

A pre-trial hearing for the assault case is scheduled to take place in April.