Trae Tha Truth Wants His Daughter Back On New Single “Hope It Don’t Change You”

Trae Tha Truth

Trae Tha Truth opens up about his 2-year-old daughter, who he hasn’t seen in months, on the new single “Hope It Don’t Change You.”

Trae Tha Truth vents about his struggle to see his daughter on the new single “Hope It Don’t Change You.”

The Othello Beats-produced track features Trae Tha Truth expressing frustration over the custody of his child. He worries about missing out on quality time with his 2-year-old daughter but wants to make sure she knows he loves her.

“All I know is me and you, we got a different bond/Getting calls from different people trying to keep me calm/They know how I feel about you and it hurt/Deep inside I gotta make it work, you my baby girl,” he raps.

According to Trae Tha Truth, he hasn’t been allowed to see his daughter in over four months. The veteran rapper says he’s flown to Los Angeles to visit her as part of a court-ordered custody schedule, yet his plane rides from Houston are all for naught.

“I believe the courts are designed to side with the mother, and it’s unfortunate because a father’s bond is just as important,” he said in a press release. “Above everything else, being a father comes before everything to me and I’ll continue to fight to be in my daughter’s life just as I am active in my son’s life.”

Listen to Trae Tha Truth’s “Hope It Don’t Change You” below.