Trey Songz Rejects Plea Deal For Giving Cop A Concussion


(AllHipHop News) Lawyers for R&B crooner Trey Songz declined a plea deal in his assault case yesterday (March 3).

Trey emerged in court yesterday via video conference.

Prosecutors offered the singer a plea deal, to avoid a felony assault charge against a police officer, for a misdemeanor charge, instead.

Trey was charged with assaulting an officer, after a performance at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, in December 2016.
The singer was infuriated when a stagehand at the arena cut off his microphone because his show went over its allotted time.

Trey Songz flipped out and started flinging objects from the stage, including a microphone, which struck a cameraman on the head.

Trey is also accused of striking a police sergeant in the head, which gave the officer a concussion

Even though Trey Songz rejected the plea deal yesterday, the option to take the plea remains on the table.

If he pleads guilty, Trey Songz will have to serve two years of probation and be subject to alcohol screening and anger management training.

However, if Trey Songz is prosecuted for the crime, he faces up to four years in prison for the incident, which gave the officer a concussion.